Weekly Update – 21/10/2020

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Good Morning / Afternoon / Night,

We are just releasing our weekly update for our service bulletin. This channel will hold the latest information regarding our new and discontinued services, updates about your products, and most of all our opening hours and support team statuses.


• Overdue Invoices – Please make sure that you are paying your invoices in time, sadly we are having to temporarily disable products due to no payments.

• Cancelations – If you do have any cancelations, please notify our team via the website at https://my.linexium.com/

• Support Hours – Currently our support team are available 14 – 16 hours a day.

• Announcements – New and updated announcements will be made via our website at https://my.linexium.com/announcements For anymore information on what was said within this message, please feel free to make a ticket in #create-a-ticket


Thank you.

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